About us


SubC Imaging is a division of SubC Control and holds the same values and goals.

SubC is dedicated to becoming a leading provider of revolutionary and reliable solutions for video, image and lighting requirements in the offshore and subsea markets. Its success and growth can be directly attributed to the quality and passion of its employees and their constant commitment, fuelled by a genuine interest in new technology and the rewards of deep sea exploration.

Mission Statement

SubC Control is committed to creating cutting-edge and reliable solutions for the complex problems that can occur in the professional underwater market. The company strives to achieve seamless integration of its products and services with client operations to provide value and unparalleled results.

To ensure company success, SubC recognizes the critical role that its employees play; as such, it fosters a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and passionate employees who are driven to make a difference in the professional underwater market.

Company Values

The values of SubC Control will guide and anchor every decision and interaction made, every product and service provided, and every channel operated. All decisions will be made based on the understanding of the company culture and values; by doing so, they will create long term benefits for shareholders, customers, employees, and suppliers. The three primary values of SubC are: commitment to providing quality, increasing innovation, and ensuring reliability.

SubC’s primary focus is RELIABILITY. Products are engineered with high safety factors and the finest components to perform reliably under the most hazardous conditions. Next we incorporate uncommon features which create products that stand out. Once deployed, a feature rich product will give the most flexibility in critical situations.

SubC takes responsibility for QUALITY. SubC has made a commitment to providing the ‘best in class’ products and service possible, and will continue to provide this level of quality in all future endeavors.

SubC delivers INNOVATION. SubC is constantly searching for new possibilities to add value to their customers. SubC delivers excellence, strives for continuous improvement and responds rapidly to change in order to provide the best products and services in the professional underwater market.

SubC Philosophy

The central philosophy of SubC is: Create Innovative, Quality Solutions Customized to Client Needs.

Every underwater project offers its own unique challenges, and as the marine industry grows, these challenges only increase. There is an emerging need for delving even deeper into the ocean floor for oil and exploration, as a result, SubC is dedicated to developing progressive solutions to help accomplish just that.

SubC believes that its success is driven by the success of its clients. As a result, SubC is fully committed to listening to and understanding client needs in order to provide optimal solutions to client problems. The company’s talented group of employees, when guided by SubC’s values, have been able to deliver top level performances, which SubC plans to maintain. SubC makes a promise to add value to client operations by providing them with the ‘best in class’ quality products and services.