Optical zoom

3000m - 6500m depth rating


Digital stills

Manual and auto focus


Live 3D HD video

The 1Cam 3D utilizes two full HD sensors to capture true 3D 1080 video transmitted over coax or fiber optics.

In the event of missing fiber infrastructure, SD, HD and 3D video is recorded to 512GB storage, allowing

for more than 48 hours of recording.

To accommodate different projects, we offer various options such as long line driver, 100% Titanium housing, voltage controlled zoom and stills trigger, custom trigger events, and more.

SubC Excels At Building

Reliable Equipment

Footage and stills can be transferred via Ethernet or USB, depending on which option is selected at point of sale.



  • Live 3D HD video over coax

  • 3D HD and stills recording


  • Live 3D HD video over fiber

  • 3D HD and stills recording


SubC stocks 3D cameras in 1310nm wavelength. Other CWDM wavelengths are available.

Designed as a main 3D HD color 10x zoom camera where live video is transmitted over coax as 3G-SDI. Live SD video

is also available. The 1Cam 3D can take 6-20 Megapixel digital stills and has internal recording of 3D HD to 512GB

of storage. It comes with external strobe and laser output, programmable intervals and many more features

to help minimize time at sea.

Real Dual-Sensor Synchronization

The 1Cam 3D features real dual-sensor synchronization. The result is true 3D footage with sharp edges,

well-defined shapes, high fidelity for moving objects, and outstanding depth perception.

Other competing products have “quasi” 3D where their sensors are not synchronized with the camera resulting

in blurred edges, poor quality and even motion sickness.


Long Line Driver

The long line driver option equips the camera with a video signal amplifier specially designed by SubC to compensate for any signal losses due to extensive cable lengths.

This allows for successful transmission of live standard definition video over 75ohm coax in depths up to 500m, enabling operation in unique situations using various types of cable systems.

Attenuation and gain are adjustable through the camera software via RS485.

Autonomous Operation

Built-in autonomous controls allow the camera to be programmed for offline battery or AUV operation. In this mode

the camera can sleep to conserve power, wake to take images, and record video at preset timings.

With I/O bulkhead connections, custom events can be enabled. Tri-state camera controls are optional for zoom, focus, stills and most other functions.

Auxiliary Outputs

Skate Laser
Stingray Laser
Aquorea LED
MantaRay Parallel Lasers

Skate Laser


Stingray Laser


Aquorea LED

(Lamp and Strobe)

MantaRay Parallel Lasers

(Parallel Dots)


Our shipping cases are equipped with custom foam cutouts to ensure your equipment

is secure during transport and arrives safely. 

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