SubC’s mission is to continuously create the most technologically advanced and intelligent video equipment for the offshore and subsea markets. Our products have been used in offshore oil and gas service work, as well as remote vehicle operations that include deep-sea mining, marine research and archaeology. SubC has made revolutionary changes in the way subsea imaging is conducted with Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs).

We have a global client list with clients based in over 20 countries including the United States, Brazil, China, Italy, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. 


Year Established




Our equipment is compatible with all manned submersibles, work class ROVs, inspection class ROVs,

towed systems, and battery systems.


As an employee at SubC Imaging, you will be part of a technically diverse team, creating the most advanced and capable video systems for applications such as deep sea mining, film oceanography, offshore energy, archaeology and marine research.

327 Memorial Drive

Clarenville, NL, Canada

A5A 1R8


If your business or organization can benefit from innovative subsea cameras and solutions, with fast delivery, please contact us.

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