Smart Cameras

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NOAA - Cordell Bank (filmed using Rayfin)


21 megapixel digital stills with embedded metadata


21 megapixel digital sensor

Pan - Tilt - Zoom

4K and HD recording to

internal storage

The Rayfin is a proprietary, cutting-edge smart camera developed internally at SubC Imaging.

Combining industry-leading image capture with event-tracking capabilities and data acquisition, the Rayfin is a nimble and easy to use smart camera that meets any underwater requirements.

Efficient, Reliable

and Easy to Use



The Rayfin is a smart camera with proprietary integrated software that is approved upon on a
regular basis based on client feedback and external advancements in technology components.


Click the video to see the latest evolution of Rayfin.

Live Video Options

Live video and stills transferred over Ethernet. Composite video compatible with older underwater systems.


Uncompressed HD video transferred over HDI-SDI,

Live video and stills are also transferred over Ethernet conncection.


Power and Ethernet over 2 wires. Used for drop camera systems to reduce the

cost of cabling. 


4K over fiber optics. Ethernet, HD video and comms for

un-compressed live

video quality.



Data Logging

NMEA formatted data can be sent to the camera via Serial or Ethernet then time stamped and stored in a CSV file alongside the images.  System time, altimeter, depth, position, heading and other data can be input and recorded in real time.


NMEA data can be sent to the camera in the following ways:

  • TCP or UDP over Ethernet

  • Serial RS232 or RS485

Auxiliary Outputs

Skate Laser
Stingray Laser
Aquorea LED
MantaRay Parallel Lasers

Skate Laser


Stingray Laser


Aquorea LED

(Lamp and Strobe)

MantaRay Parallel Lasers

(Parallel Dots)


Our shipping cases are equipped with custom foam cutouts to ensure your equipment

is secure during transport and arrives safely. 

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