100m system

depth rating

Take stills and record video

with a single push button

Neutral buoyancy






Naturally resilient

4-in-1 system

The neutral buoyancy and strong ergonomic design is what makes the SubC Diver System easy to handle with

no additional weight while diving.

When the system is fully configured with the camera, LED and battery it can be controlled by a single subsea push button. The Diver System can also be disassembled to have three individual standalone components.

SubC Excels At Building

Reliable Custom Equipment

With the help of the Rayfin and Aquorea MK2, the Diver System produces ultra-high quality 4K video and stills. The customized battery, equipped with extra bulkheads and internal wiring, was made specifically for the Diver making it different from the traditional battery 259.

The system would not be complete without the Aquorea, an advanced LED built specifically for deep-water operation with SubC smart cameras.

Our shipping cases are equipped with custom foam cutouts to ensure your equipment

is secure during transport and arrives safely. 

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