Input up to 6 channels of 4K, HD, SD, 3D or IP video

Record and Black Box
all channels

Overlay and dive
event log

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Stream video over the internet or local network

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4K Compatible

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Record & Black Box

The DVRO is capable of recording up to six HD/SD video and audio feeds and

incorporates 4K and 3D.

BlackBox allows you to continually record any channel while overwriting old video-based

onset parameters. ​

  • Extremely user-friendly

  • Smart data monitoring immediately indicates that something has interfered with the  inspection

  • Audio/video, framegrabs and data can be recorded in a RAID configuration that enables safe mirrored storage

Video Streaming

The DVRO includes the ability to stream video over a ships local network where active videos can be viewed using any computer on the network.

  • Cloud based internet streaming is available if the ship is equipped with satellite internet

  • The bandwidth for streaming can be adjusted to work over any connection

  • Frame rate and quality can be reduced as low as necessary

  • Integrates easily into an existing Ethernet network giving the ability for live offsite video review

  • An internet connection also enables SubC’s live tech support


There are many standard features available, but if you require something more unique we will be pleased to facilitate your requests.


Some customization examples are:

  • Extended storage capacity

  • Alternate combinations of video inputs (eg. 1x 4K + 2x HD/3D)

  • Cloud internet streaming subscriptions

  • Blu-ray burner

  • Fiber optic inputs and outputs


SubC’s overlay software is included with the DVRO.

It comes with several innovations such as a

full GUI interface, reusable templates for

company wide standards and dynamic

overlay events. Video output from a channel

or streamed over the internet/Ethernet 

have live overlay.


There are a variety of overlay types:

  • Date/time and recording timers

  • Serial data based on NMEA and other formatting

  • Images and logos

  • Simple text (eg. “XLX 4000, Dive 121, West Station”)

  • Graphical overlays (altimeter, compass, depth)

  • Shapes and other superficial objects for custom themes

  • Adjustable position, color, size and opacity

Dive Logging

The Dive Logging feature allows users to create a structured set of videos and events for quick review using multiple video inputs.

  • Serial input data is recorded with the videos and synchronized with the event time

  • Easy to jump to specific points in a inspection for a complete snapshot of all sensor information

  • Video and data files are stored in a logical manner creating a simplistic and error-free record

  • The dive can be played back on the free SubC Player software


The DVRO can detect multiple HD and SD ONVIF compatible IP cameras located on your network. Like SDI and Composite, it can overlay, stream, BlackBox, and Dive Log each of these feeds.

Some of the supported Ethernet video, control andtransfer types are:

  • IP (10/100 Ethernet)

  • GigE (Gigabit Ethernet)

  • Wifi (Wireless Ethernet)

SubC can devise a solution to any requirement you may have.

Image Enhancement

Real-time image enhancement is now available with the

SubC DVRO. This built-in tool will help operators get the job

done quickly and efficiently by allowing them to clearly see

what they're capturing in real time.

Our shipping cases are equipped with custom foam cutouts to ensure your equipment

is secure during transport and arrives safely. 

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