High output

green laser

Controlled with on board camera relay


The Skate is an underwater laser designed for 3D modeling applications that require a very narrow and uniform beam width.

  • Small 1.5″ diameter

  • Standard Titanium 6500m depth rating

  • Dimmable 50mW output

  • Generates a sharp line with a fan angle of 53.9° in water

The Stingray is an underwater laser module with diffraction beam-shaping optics.


The laser generates a red grid with a fan angle of 40° (in air) built by 4689 spots and features an integrated focusing mechanism with a high-diffraction efficiency.

The purpose of MantaRay Parallel Lasers is to project two parallel beams that appear as green dots in images. The dots are used to get distance and scale of underwater objects. 

  • Simple attachment to camera

  • Standard Titanium 6000m depth rating

  • Lightweight (700g in air, 400g in water)

Skate Laser Control

The Skate can be controlled in two modes:

  • TTL for On/Off up to 1000hz

  • RS232 with dimming and diode temp feedback

Health and Safety compatible with on deck auto-off option. The Skate software can take in NMEA strings

for depth and turn off the laser for safety considerations when the ROV is running out of the water.

Comes standard as line laser. Other lens options available.

Stingray Laser Control

The Stingray is modulated by two methods:

  • TTL modulation up to 250 kHz

  • Analog dimming up to 10 Hz

Comes standard as grid laser. Other lens options available.

3D Modelling

The Skate and Stingray were engineered primarily for 3D modeling. For that reason, it is ideal for metrology and pipeline survey allowing the user to precisely quantify any deficiencies or structural issues in conjunction with a laser scanning system.

SubC Live Software

We are always thinking about user experience and how to enhance our equipment for smoother use and deploy.

Some features include:

  • RS485, RS232 and Ethernet control

  • Multi-format video input (HD, SD, Ethernet)

  • Ease of use and installation

  • Helpful tool tips and shortcuts

  • Auto-updates


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