Founder & CEO

Chad Collett brings 15 years of underwater experience to the company. After joining the Navy Reserves as an inspection diver at the age of 16, he went on to complete Electronics Engineering Technology at the College of the North Atlantic. As an active advocate in the promotion of clean Ocean Technologies, Environmental stewardship, Youth Science Technology Education and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives, Chad is passionate about building high-value and cutting-edge opportunities in rural Newfoundland.

Chad's strong combination of offshore experience and industry driven learning gives him the unique ability of understanding the professional underwater market and to inspire innovation.


VP & Software Leader

Before joining SubC Imaging, Adam gained experience in the Ocean Technology sector after working with CNS and the NRC - Institute for Ocean Technology. Driven by the desire to find innovative solutions, and adhering to the adage that it can always be better, he has an insatiable drive to see clients succeed and will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Coming from a programming background with a strong understanding of computers and electronics, Adam has a unique perspective for problem solving by taking a systematic approach to determining the root cause of issues. Constantly up to date on the latest technology, he applies his significant knowledge of industry trends and developments to enhance SubC products and the service experience of the company’s clientele.


Manufacturing Leader

Jamie has been with SubC Imaging since the early beginning, starting as a technologist and eventually being promoted to Production Manager. 


As a graduate of CNA's Software Engineering Technology program, Jamie brings an electronics skill set that is fundamental in solving key issues with product development and quality assurance.

Above all else, Jamie uses his experience in the ocean technology sector to support SubC products and ensure clients needs are met.


Mechatronics Leader

Brent joined SubC in 2013 after graduating from the University of New Brunswick with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Mechatronics. 


Brent has grown into a leadership position as lead mechanical engineering manager over the years. He is involved in product development from conception to release, and he works closely with other departments to provide integrated and robust products.


Client Success

With close to a decade of service history with SubC Imaging, Marcus excels in customer relations and support. Starting at the ground level with SubC has allowed him to grow into a role that helps clients accomplish their goals on time with industry-leading results.

Marcus works closely with SubC clients worldwide mapping the seafloor, completing subsea oilfield asset inspections, and supporting and operating SubC's equipment. His project leadership and after sales skills provide a distinct perspective at a very unique company.


327 Memorial Drive

Clarenville, NL, Canada

A5A 1R8


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