1Cam Infrared Filter with Red Aquorea

1Cam Infrared Filter with Red Aquorea

SubC Imaging has created a system that can help in scenarios in which ROV operations are delayed by a cluster of marine creatures in the area. When ROV lights are on, they sometimes attract fish and /or krill, which may cause delays due to limited visibility. Because of this, operations are sometimes forced to occur during daylight hours only, in order to limit the use of ROV lighting. Many sea creatures do not have RED cones in their eyes, due to evolution and the absorption of RED light in water.

With the 1Cam Infrared Filter (GREEN) + Diffuse Wide-angle lighting (RED) enables video in a mixture of Yellow, Orange and Brown because of the missing Blue light element. RED light is absorbed in water, but still very useful within up to 30 feet of viewing distance.

SubC Imaging’s capable cameras are able to control our LEDs so this system can be implemented quickly without complex integration.

1Cam Traw1Cam Aquorea

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