Introducing the Rayfin UltraOptics

With low distortion, ultra-wide angle optics, and digital PTZ within the 21 megapixel sensor, the Rayfin UltraOptics was developed by integrating various requirements communicated by our clients.

The ultra-wide angle (120° degree) dome port rectilinear optics allow for a wide field of view without having to move the camera. The rectilinear lens design provides low distortion, therefore eliminating the need to correct any fisheye effect in post-processing software.

Because the sensor is 21 megapixels, it has sufficient resolution to allow sensor crop zoom without reduction of spatial resolution (DPI) of the actual video and images. This is different from traditional digital zoom, which digitizes images and reduces spatial resolution.

The software-defined camera system enables a unique usage through region of interest (ROI) binning of the high-resolution camera sensor. Physically moving the camera is not necessary as the pan and tilt is digital inside the camera sensor. This design helps solve the issue with pan-tilts and 360° camera systems.

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