SubC is now a strategic affiliate of OceanGate

Update June 28, 2018: While testing for the upcoming Titanic Expedition (that was previously postponed to the summer of 2019), OceanGate has successfully carried out an unmanned depth test of the Titan to validate hull to a depth of 4,000 meters. Read more about the test here

Update April 16, 2018: OceanGate has finished putting its Titan submersible through its first round of shallow-water tests along the northwestern coast of the U.S. state of Washington. Up next are deep-water tests in the Bahamas before heading off to the Titanic in June. Read more about the testing and upcoming expedition here.

SubC is excited to announce that we are now a strategic affiliate with OceanGate, a privately held company that provides subsea manned submersible solutions for industry, research and exploration.

SubC Imaging cameras and lights will be installed on OceanGate’s Cyclops 2. Cyclops 2 will carry one Rayfin 4K camera, one 1Cam MK6, Aquorea LED light, and utilize the SubC DVRO software to be used throughout the Titanic Survey Expedition as the primary equipment used in capturing the first 4K images and video of the iconic wreck. Used in conjunction with laser and sonar scans, the images and video will be used to create a virtual 3D model of the wreck serving as an objective baseline to assess the decay of the wreck over time and help to document and preserve its submerged history.

To read more about OceanGate and SubC’s partnership for this expedition, click here.

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