Field of view in water


Via coax or fiber

HD recording

Low-light capability 0.02 lux

The Sculpin is a compact, high performance, low light, ROV and diver camera. It has been used extensively with Seabotix

and other small ROV systems to explore WWI shipwrecks and other mission critical applications.

6000m depth rating with Titanium housing, serial RS485 and RS232 control over all functions, including digital zoom, optional water-corrected wide-angle view port, integrated LEDs, and –50°C Arctic temperature tolerance, switchable between color and monochrome over serial interface.

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The Sculpin HDF is a variation of the Sculpin HDC.

It has specialized components that allow the Sculpin to transmit HD-SDI by way of fiber optics for long distances with low loss, and features adaptive technology for low-light capability of 0.02 lux and an in-water view angle of 65°.


The Sculpin HDC was designed to withstand the highest underwater pressures and depth while maintaining both clear 1080p 30/60P coax and 700TVL PAL and NTSC composite simultaneously.


Our shipping cases are equipped with custom foam cutouts to ensure your equipment

is secure during transport and arrives safely. 

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