High output



Beam angle

Serial RS232, 485

and Strobe Enable

The Aquorea™ LED is a hybrid strobe/lamp that integrates with SubC cameras. It synchronizes the camera exposure time with its activation time while strobing, freezing the stills taken so that objects photographed can be captured in highest detail. The built-in charge control allows strobing while limiting the current draw

from the system’s power supply.

The Aquorea™ can also operate as a stand-alone product with serial control.

Thermal protection:

auto dim/shutoff

145 lumen/watt at

15 ℃  water

Minimum/Maximum temperature:

-10 ℃ to 20 ℃ (in water)


The Aquorea LED is a high-efficiency, TTL synchronized LED module that operates as both a lamp and a strobe. It is addressable over RS485 multidrop and has been designed to enable shutter speeds down to 1/8000sec and lower.


The lamp and strobe can also operate together simultaneously. When taking a photo, the LEDs activation time is tightly synchronized with the camera sensor exposure time (within 250 nanoseconds) to ensure video stream is uninterrupted while collecting photos.


Our shipping cases are equipped with custom foam cutouts to ensure your equipment

is secure during transport and arrives safely. 

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