SubC excels at custom systems. Talk to us about your application, we can help!

Designs delivered for manned submersibles, ROV, AUV, observatories and benthic landers.

Integrate SubC and 3rd party components to create complete optical systems.


SubC designs pressure-rated optical sapphire windows and seals for all of our equipment operating in marine environments. We can also design and supply windows using the material of your choice.

Based on expertise gained while developing our LiquidOptics® and UltraOptics® water-correction systems, we can design and test custom optical lenses and correction systems in-house.

  • Experts in Sapphire window design

  • Can use traditional optical materials such as BK7 or Acrylic

  • Advanced designs in LiquidOptics® and UltraOptics® water-correction systems


  • Various materials from brass to titanium

  • Signal formats ranging from RS-232 to 4K over singlemode fiber


  • Housings designed using plastics, anodized aluminum, stainless, or titanium

  • Confidently constructed and thoroughly tested for all ocean depths up to 11Km

  • FEA capability ensures designs have adequate safety factor


  • Pressure testing to rated depth

  • Vibration and QA checks for contained electronics

  • Hot and cold stress tests


SubC provides mechanical design, CAD, and rapid prototyping services for equipment serving in hostile marine environments.


​Our designs are in operation from the desert heat of Saudi Arabia, to the harsh cold of the Arctic Ocean, to the depths of the Marianas Trench.


SubC specializes in creating complete end-to-end imaging and data management systems for clients’ specific requirements.

In addition to still images, video and lighting, applications include: photogrammetry, laser scanning, machine vision, and measurement. Contact us to discuss a system designed to your specification. Examples of our own full systems include the VisionSphere™ and 4K Suite.


SubC creates cutting-edge software applications for the professional offshore market. Software is developed and supported by our team of experts, providing an intuitive

user experience.


Examples include:​

  • Controlling remote equipment

  • Display and manipulation of video

  • Visualization and logging of data

  • Interfacing with existing systems and solutions

For an example see SubC's DVRO™ system.


SubC specializes in underwater high-bandwidth signals such as 6G-SDI and GigE, along with being well versed in control systems using RS232, RS485 and IP. Services include custom PCB design for ARM microprocessors and signal protections against reverse and over-voltage, over-current, and transients including ESD and lightning.

SubC’s core firmware is built for reliability and offers dependable control of integrated sensor functions and peripherals.


3D Modelling Suite

The 3D Modelling Suite is a system that can be comprised of multiple pieces of equipment such as Rayfin cameras, LED lamp/strobes, line lasers, and other sensors. Together, these products create an image capture system that synchronizes multiple Rayfin cameras with a NTP server to capture simultaneous images that can then be processed into 3D point clouds.

Situational Awareness

The VisionSphere concept uses multiple UltraOptics Rayfin cameras for 360° of overlapping video into a DVRO.

The ultra-wide field of view increases awareness of the surroundings. In an offshore setting, this reduces the possibility of damage to equipment. For marine research, this maximizes

the effectiveness of surveys.

Diver System

The neutral buoyancy and strong ergonomic design is what makes the SubC Diver System easy to handle with

no additional weight while diving.

When the system is fully configured with the camera, LED and battery it can be controlled by a single subsea push button. The Diver System can also be disassembled to have three individual standalone components.

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