21 megapixel digital stills with LED strobe synchronization

Corrosion proof

Titanium & Sapphire

4K and HD video clips stored to 512 GB solid state memory

Scripting using SubC

open-source API

Real Clients. Real Projects.

Real Results.

In 2018, SubC provided the University of Washington with Rayfin cameras, LEDs and lasers

to support the objectives of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Cabled Array.

Proven Solutions Used in Many Studies

and Publications


Dr. Craig Smith and Fabio C. De Leo

University of Victoria and Ocean Networks Canada


Since October 2016, the University of Victoria have been using SubC smart cameras and Aquorea LEDs for their underwater study in Barkley Canyon.


Chosen for their reliability and features, SubC smart cameras and Aquorea LEDs were deployed as part of this scientific experiment. This equipment enabled the researchers to establish large-scale patterns of biodiversity and ecosystem function in areas where there are whale bones.


Fabio C. De Leo

Ocean Network Canada


Scientific papers published by the ONC research community described periods in Barkley Canyon when crabs are more abundant, and even dominate the rest of the fauna. But never before had it been captured visually with such extremely high numbers of one particular species: the grooved Tanner crab. 


SubC cameras captured the footage.


This autonomous ROV camera solution features 21 megapixel digital stills, pan-tilt-zoom, and 4K and HD recording to

internal storage.

The Aquorea™ LED is a hybrid ROV strobe and lamp that integrates with SubC cameras and other underwater sensors.

Designed for underwater applications such as 3D modelling, photogrammetry, image scale and range. They are availabel in line, point and grid configurations.

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