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Our products are designed to work remotely, in hazardous, difficult environments. To cater to our customer’s who

are working remotely, we are hosting webinars and demonstrations of our technology. 

We hope this will provide our clients and potential clients with the ability to interact with us and see our products

and services. We look forward to discussing your projects. 


Join us for our webinar series and demonstrations of our products to see how they can benefit you and your next project. Webinars have no geographical barriers so we’ll be offering our current and potential clients the opportunity to interact with us while working remotely.

Webinar #1 - Scripting in the Subsea

In this recorded webinar, we illustrate the advantages of scripting using an underwater programmable camera system. After demonstrating the software in action, we share a few real-world examples of our clients using this functionality and the amazing footage they acquired.


Rayfin Camera

See what the cutting edge Rayfin camera can do for you. With 21MP digital stills, 4K recording, image enhancement, and scripting capabilities (just to name a few) this may be just the camera you’re looking for.


This topside DVRO with six channel simultaneous video and overlay could be exactly what you need to help organize

and easily view your next inspection.


Our cloud-based streaming service allows you to view video and audio feed via the internet. Whether on a vessel or in the office, you can easily log in to see how your

inspection is going in real time.


Discover how SubC’s solution-based approach can save you time and money with our pre-made underwater solutions that include a customized combination of cameras, lasers, DVRO and batteries.

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