SubC Imaging Webinar #2 - Imaging Solutions for Marine Science

In the second installment of SubC Imaging’s webinar series, Founder and CEO Chad Collett demonstrates how SubC solutions can greatly benefit your next marine science project by reducing complexity and providing enhanced return on investment in terms of both time and cost. This recorded session, entitled “Imaging Solutions for Marine Science”, was presented live during the BlueTech Expo during Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW) on June 9, 2020.

As you’ll see in the webinar, SubC offers multiple solutions that can be easily adapted to your requirements with each solution being compatible with all video formats and resolutions up to 4K. Chad also touches on a new cost-effective, lightweight drop/tow camera solution that SubC will be releasing in the very near future.

As mentioned in the video above, some incredible footage has been captured by SubC cameras when the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution set out to sea for three weeks on the R/V Atlantis from Gulfport, MS. Equipped with the newly redesigned Alvin submersible, and the autonomous underwater vehicle Sentry. They visited some of the most spectacular Lophelia reefs and explored the deep sea for new reef habitats. The video from their exploration was used in the Acid Horizons documentary which won awards at some film festivals in 2018.

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The SubC Autonomous Camera Solution offers the same features as our 4K subsea cameras, minus the live video feed. Designed for deployments where live video is not possible or required, it’s ideal for collecting timelapse videos and images.

To survey a specific area, simply program the camera using the subsea scripting open-source API to record 4K/HD video and use LED strobe synchronization to capture 21MP digital stills. The autonomous imaging system can also control other sensors connected to the camera's aux ports, and because it is compatible with various batteries, the duration of your deployment is flexible.

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