259 Watt-hours

(10,000 mAh)

Built-in magnetic

on/off charge switch

Output is 17.5 - 29.4

VDC, 4.9 A

A high-capacity Lithium-Ion based battery module that enables stand-alone operation of equipment in deep water

hazardous environments.

The Battery 259 is UN38.3 certified, making it eligible to ship via cargo plane.

Custom outputs and connectors are also available.

Simple, Safe Power

To keep equipment safe, the battery includes over charge, over discharge, over drain, and short circuit protection.

There is a built-in on/off charge switch for simple deployment and it includes a charging box with status display.

Built-in Protection

If the battery output is shorted, it will auto-recover without damage.

If the connection to the battery is reversed, neither the charger nor the battery will be damaged.


 The Undervoltage Overcurrent Lockout Bottle (UVLO) is an electrical protection and integration device, custom designed to connect multiple underwater batteries together, providing short circuit protection and undervoltage protection. It works with pressure compensated lead acid submersible batteries.

The UVLO short circuit protection stops extremely high currents from damaging cables and equipment, while under voltage protection protects the battery from reaching low voltage levels that can have negative effects on battery life and the ability to hold charge.

The UVLO comes with a magnetic switch for easy on/off toggling preventing sparks and arcs that could happen when connecting or disconnecting devices. The unit has a 3000m (SS) or 6000m (Ti)  Depth Rating.

Integrates with SubC Smart Cameras

The Battery 259 is ideal for use with SubC Smart cameras.


The camera's scripting feature can program the camera to go into hibernation mode. This enables unique applications such as month-long stop-motion studies of subsea geology.

Example usages:

  • SubC’s Trawl Camera System

  • SubC’s Drop Camera Systems


Our shipping cases are equipped with custom foam cutouts to ensure your equipment

is secure during transport and arrives safely. 


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