Andrew Woods named to Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers List

In 2015, Dr. Andrew Woods set out with a team from Curtin University to conduct a detailed 3D imaging survey of two ships wrecked 200 km west of Shark Bay and 2500 meters under the ocean. Both ships had sunk each other in a famous battle back in 1941.

With the help of SubC Imaging’s 1Cam 3D camera, Dr. Woods was able to capture breathtaking Images and video of the wreckage. Some of the beautiful imagery was displayed in the book From Great Depths and even a short 3D film was presented at the Museum of Geraldton.

SubC Imaging would like to congratulate Dr. Woods for being named to the 2017 Australia’s Most Innovative Engineers list and is proud to have been a part of his exciting expedition under the sea.

You can read more about  Dr. Wood’s sea wreckage exploration here.

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