New Distributor - Neotek France

SubC Imaging is expanding to France!

For over 30 years, Neotek France has been offering their customers subsea camera technologies to process data in the marine fields. Now, SubC’s equipment and solutions, that include SubC’s 4K programmable subsea camera with subsea scripting API, will also be available for their clients’ projects. Neotek are “associated with the best suppliers recognized as leaders in their respective markets” and SubC is proud to be in that category.

SubC has 12 distributors worldwide.

Below is an example of the type of subsea camera solution that will be available through Neotek in France:

Our Towed Camera Solution is optimally built for smaller vessels working in shallow-water coastal observatories in depths under 500 meters. This seafloor towed solution offers real-time HD video feed to the surface over twisted pair cable while recording 4K and capturing continuous high-resolution digital stills up to 4HZ. Our Powerline Ethernet (PLE) technology reduces the cost of cables and deployment setup for transmission of video and data. The 4K subsea camera is also a data-logger and includes built-in depth, tilt and roll sensors. This solution is a great option for aquaculture video monitoring, seafloor benthic mapping and fisheries management using cameras.

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