New Distributor - Sea Tech China

SubC has added a second distributor in China!

Sea Tech China has been providing high-tech, high-reliability marine equipment since being founded in 2005. Their ROV 4K cameras, among other products, have been used in national projects such as the national major Infrastructure 4500m working level ROV “Discovery”. As a one-stop solution for marine equipment and services, they strive to promote domestic marine scientific research and now SubC can be part of that influential research with our solutions that include SubC’s 4K programmable subsea camera and subsea IP camera recorder.

One example of the type of subsea camera solution that will be available through Sea Tech China is our ROV Survey Solution:

Pulling from our comprehensive background in ROV operations, we’ve designed this solution to reduce inspection complexity by combining all video management functions into one suite. The suite provides you with all of the software and hardware required for an effective inspection without all the cost. At the center of the solution lies our subsea DVR which has multiple channels of 4K and HD video recording and overlay, LAN video streaming, blackbox, video annotation, and more.

SubC now has 14 distributors worldwide.

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