SubC Imaging and Kolossal Win Grand Prize in the Con X Tech Prize

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

SubC Imaging and the team at Kolossal -- an ocean exploration and conservation nonprofit in Venice, CA -- are the recipients of the Grand Prize for the Con X Tech Prize for their Real Deep Conservation VR.

The goal of the Con X Tech Prize is to build the ecosystem of early-stage conservation technology products and solutions, and support growing teams and ideas around the world. The $20,000 will go towards funding the next stage of development of the overall system with the goal of reducing costs and making it more convenient to deploy camera traps to the deep ocean.

“It is easy to get excited about ocean conservation when you are working with

intelligent people towards a common goal.” Chad said. “I am truly looking forward to the next stage of our system. Lowering the barrier for deep-ocean research in the visible spectrum by developing a lower-cost benthic camera trap, with a stretch goal of filming the Colossal Squid.”

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