Smart Cameras

By SubC Imaging

NOAA - Cordell Bank (filmed using Rayfin)


21 megapixel digital stills with embedded metadata


21MP Digital sensor

Pan - Tilt - Zoom

4K and HD recording to

internal storage



  • Small 1.5″ diameter

  • Standard Titanium 6500m depth rating

  • Dimmable 50mW output

  • Generates a sharp line with a fan angle of 53.9° in water


120˚ dome port


Very low distortion

The digital pan-tilt-zoom capability enables a (ROI) binning of the 21MP camera sensor in real time. Physically moving the camera is not necessary as the pan and tilt is inside the camera. This feature can reduce the reliance on mechanical pan tilts, thereby

increasing reliability.


70˚ water corrected


High sharpness

Flat Port vs. LiquidOptics


Efficient, Reliable

and Easy to Use

Automatic control of

LEDs and lasers

NAS (Network

Attached Storage)

Variable image and video

naming conventions

Integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

The Rayfin is programmable for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), battery deployments, 

and automatically taking stills and video. 


Require something unique for your application? SubC excels at creating custom systems. 

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Live Control of

All Settings

Built on the maturity and reliability of SubC’s smart camera backbone, the Rayfin is designed to exceed the highest requirements

of AUV, ROV, observatory and autonomous systems. Click here to watch the Rayfin tutorial series on YouTube.

Live Ethernet transfer of

stills and video


video streaming

Low "glass-to-glass"


Automatic and manual

exposure controls


Since 2010, SubC has provided systems to observatories that have been deployed for months to years at a time. In that time, we have gathered the requirements for the ideal observatory camera. The Rayfin has been designed for observatories by including the following features: ​

  • Ethernet video and still transfer

  • Ability to operate as an equipment multiplexer by utilizing Aux ports

  • Automatic lighting control for lamp and strobe

  • An API for customization and scheduling

Live Video Options


Live video and stills transferred over Ethernet. Composite video compatible with older underwater systems.


Power and Ethernet over 2 wires. Used for drop camera systems to reduce the cost of cabling.


Uncompressed HD video transferred over HD-SDI,

Live video and stills are also transferred over

Ethernet connection.


4K over fiber optics. Ethernet, HD video and comms for un-compromised live video quality.


Camera System

Because the Rayfin camera is running software, we update it regularly, which increases the value and capabilities. 


Upcoming features:

  • Multi-camera photo synchronization (for photogrammetry and other applications)

  • User interface for Scripting

  • White Balance Presets (for shallow green water and other conditions)

  • ZeroConf and IPv6

  • SubC Dive Log formatted data recording

  • Display of tilt and roll data graphically

  • Intuitive Aux device interface


Built-in autonomous controls allow the camera to be programmed for offline battery or AUV operation. In this mode

the camera can sleep to conserve power, wake to take images, and record video at predetermined timings.



Application programming



Data Logging

NMEA formatted data can be sent to the camera via Serial or Ethernet then time stamped and stored in a CSV file alongside the images.  System time, altimeter, depth, position, heading and other data can be input and recorded in real time.


NMEA data can be sent to the camera in the following ways:

  • TCP or UDP over Ethernet

  • Serial RS232 or RS485

Auxiliary Outputs

Skate Laser
Stingray Laser
Aquorea LED
MantaRay Parallel Lasers

Skate Laser


Stingray Laser


Aquorea LED

(Lamp and Strobe)

MantaRay Parallel Lasers

(Parallel Dots)


Our shipping cases are equipped with custom foam cutouts to ensure your equipment

is secure during transport and arrives safely. 

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