21 megapixel digital stills with embedded metadata

Ethernet 10/100/1000 control and real-time media download

4K and HD video clips stored to 512GB solid state memory

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In April, 2019, equipped with SubC Imaging’s Rayfin smart cameras, Titan completed a record-setting dive of 3,760 meters below sea surface with four people inside. This dive marks the first time that a non-military manned submersible has taken more than three people to nearly 2.34 miles below the sea surface.

Key Features

  • 21MP digital stills (JPEG and RAW) with LED strobe synchronization

  • 4K and HD video clips stored to 512GB solid state memory

  • RTSP Ethernet, 1080p@30fps, low latency, full HD video streaming

  • Ethernet control, real-time media download and NTP time sync

  • Water-corrected Ivanoff optics design - high sharpness and low distortion

  • Aux ports control LED strobe/lamp(s) and lasers (line and parallel)

Proven Solutions Used in Many Studies

and Publications

Fisheries and Oceans Canada


In July of 2018, EV Nautilus visually surveyed three offshore Pacific seamounts with Fisheries and Oceans Canada in partnership with Ocean Networks Canada, Oceana Canada, and the Haida Nation. The SubC Rayfin and SubC Aquorea Mk2 LED were used during this expedition on the Hercules ROV.



While carrying out decommissioning operations on a North Sea field, the ROV operator reported a lack of accurate and up-to-date information of some subsea hardware. With the customer already scheduled to be infield conducting decom operations, it was the perfect time to carry out adhoc 3D scanning while on site.


This autonomous ROV camera solution features 21 megapixel digital stills, pan-tilt-zoom, and 4K and HD recording

to internal storage.

The Aquorea™ LED is a hybrid ROV strobe and lamp that integrates with SubC cameras and other underwater sensors.

Designed for underwater applications such as 3D modelling, photogrammetry, image scale and range. They are availabel in line, point and grid configurations.

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