SubC Webinar #1 - Scripting in the Subsea

Updated: May 20

Join Chad Collett, Founder and CEO of SubC Imaging, for the first installment of SubC’s webinar series. During this session, entitled “Scripting in the Subsea”, Chad will give a demonstration of SubC’s Rayfin camera scripting feature and explain how subsea scripting on an autonomous underwater programmable camera can help reduce system complexity and cost.

In this 13-minute pre-recorded webinar you’ll learn:

  • What scripting is and its benefits

  • How scripting uses SubC’s open-source camera API so you can write your own script and control external sensors directly

  • Script examples and how to view functions in real time

  • How the aux ports of our cameras interact with components such as subsea lasers and lights

  • Additional features of SubC’s cameras such as 4K, HD and digital stills for subsea time-lapse applications

You’ll also see some amazing footage that was captured when the systems were used to run time-lapse scripts. Like the beautiful hydrothermal vent that supports a large colony of benthic creatures that was discovered with the help of SubC’s Observatory Solution during the University of Washington’s ocean observatory -- which has been running time-lapse on the seafloor since 2015! And watch as some Hagfish and Atlantic WolfFish dive into a squid supper while the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada collected data to aid in fisheries management studies using SubC’s Battery Powered Solution.

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